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On nowadays SEO its not like ever before because Google normally is changing the algorithms on every 6 months or so…

A few years ago was quite easy to rank any website to the top pages of Google , even for the most competitive niches, because what google only wanted was backlinks and so as long as any website had a bunch of backlink the website would rank sooner or later… Its based much more on quantity then in quality.

On the other hand the most authority websites were spammed to death, a great example were a lot of article directories that after a few changes in the alghoritm some PR8 and PR9 directories were banned to PR N/A and completely deindexed from Google.

In 2014 the goal is to have quality content, relevant content to your niche and a great improvement in Social signals. Google understands that Social Networking has a huge Role in the internet, in any business, so SEO should have a great relevance with Social Signals.

One thing that has never changed was the video marketing and even today any youtube promotion is still a good source to achieve SERPs increases.

As in the past the video requires to relevant to the niche and every youtube video  campaign should have to be optimized like:

  • File Name
  • Title Name
  • Tags
  • Description

Because without the keyword optimization for the above items your video will not rank either in Youtube or Google search engines, but if you do it correctly you will get a nice traffic source from youtube viral promotions , if you don´t believe me take a look at some non brandable videos that reached a few million views in a few months.

That´s why Video marketing is still one of the best tools to help you with your SEO projects either for yourself or even for your clients that will pay handsomely.

You can see below why video marketing its so important for the entire SEO strategy in order to rank your keywords higher so you can reach the famous TOP1 Google search page.

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